nadine mercil



My work is about loss. Loss of life, loss of love, loss of hope and loss of my core being. My work is also about redemption and renewal. My art provides an outlet for my pain. Art empowers me and gives me a sense of purpose.


I gave my daughter up at a young age, and dealt with the loss, by making baby dolls. I missed being pregnant and also missed having a baby, so I decided to make pregnant baby dolls. I would find blonde hair, blue-eyed dolls, in thrift stores, and then remake them into something or someone that would personify the grief I felt.


I have always had dogs, they have always been a huge source of comfort for me. When I lose one of my dogs, which has happened many times, I turn to my art, to help me deal with my grief.


I have recently left a very abusive relationship. I use my words, my beaded phrases, as well as my assemblages to deal with the aftershock of my departure. I feel my assemblages are an outward manifestation of the inner workings of my abuser’s mind. Dark and disturbing.


The beaded phrases do not have names and neither do the assemblages. My intent is not to disturb or to cause controversy, I am only relaying the messages that have been imposed on me. At least in my assemblages. My phrases tend to be more hopeful and light.


I was inspired to created all of my pieces because I use art as a coping mechanism to deal with the pain I experience in my life. I use very simple techniques to create my art, glue and modeling clay for the assemblages. Beads and string for the beaded phrases, an old typewriter for the poems and found materials, objects for the dolls.

My art is very fragile. I feel the same way about myself - yet I think I underestimate the strength of my art and also my own strength as well.


 - Nadine Mercil